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Mental performance

Our dietary supplement with spermidine to increase mental performance and naturally prevent dementia in old age.

For cartilage and joints

Vitamyne Arthro is a specially developed dietary supplement for adults that aims to provide optimal support for your cartilage and joints so that you can continue to stay active.

Immunity and energy

Strengthen your defenses with vitamins and organic trace elements to sustainably support the healthy function of the immune system.

Serenity and well-being

The optimal functioning of the brain, muscles and nervous system is essential for our well-being and our performance in everyday life.

Relaxation and sleep

Our relaxation vitamins contain a complex active ingredient matrix with herbal extracts to shorten the time it takes to fall asleep and relax the nervous system.

Natural beauty

Our complex dietary supplement with vitamins, trace elements and herbal extracts for strong hair as well as healthy skin and nails.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding

The dietary supplement for baby planning, pregnancy and breastfeeding with a complex active ingredient matrix with vitamins, organic trace elements, minerals and essential omega-3 fatty acids.

our promise

All VITAmyne products are developed in Austria and 100% manufactured in the EU. Only the best raw materials are used. Each batch is rigorously tested in the laboratory according to the highest quality standards.

Naturally effective


Spermidine is a naturally occurring neurotransmitter found in various foods such as wheat germ, soybeans, cheese, mushrooms and certain fruits and vegetables and offers many health benefits, such as supporting the cardiovascular system, promoting mental performance, slowing the aging process and preventing cancer. We therefore offer spermidine as capsules in a highly concentrated form.

We attach great importance to the quality, effectiveness and naturalness of our products.

Laboratory tested

Our products are subjected to regular quality controls in an independent laboratory according to the highest quality and safety standards. For incomparable value.

Certified manufacturing

Our products are manufactured in an ISO, GMP and HACCP certified facility in the EU. This means that all measures are met to develop and produce high-quality medicines.


Our products are developed based on the latest scientific findings by leading experts in the industry and are also continuously developed further based on current research results.

Our most popular products

Mental capacity


For head, muscles and nerves


strengthen your immune system


For cartilage and joints


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