Auf den Spuren der Langlebigkeit II: Die Blaue Zone in Sardinien, Italien

On the trail of longevity II: The Blue Zone in Sardinia, Italy

Dec 12, 2023Robert Barabas-Steiner

Sardinia, the picturesque island in the Mediterranean, not only has breathtaking landscapes and rich cultural treasures, but also a remarkable phenomenon - a Blue Zone. In this blog post, we explore the secrets of the Blue Zone in Sardinia, where people not only enjoy the highest life expectancy, but also lead a fulfilling and healthy life. Let's delve into the fascination of this Mediterranean oasis together.

The magic of Sardinia's Blue Zone

01 Life expectancy beyond 100

Sardinia has one of the highest concentrations of centenarians in the world. People here not only live longer, but also with remarkable vitality and zest for life.

02 Mediterranean diet as key

The diet in Sardinia is characterised by the Mediterranean tradition – rich in fresh vegetables, olive oil, whole grains and fish. This diet, known for its positive effects on heart health and longevity, is a central part of the Sardinian lifestyle.

03 Strong family ties

Close family ties play an important role in the lives of Sardinians. The social structure and support within the family not only create emotional stability, but also promote general well-being.

04 Community spirit and social interaction

Sardinia's villages are characterized by a strong community spirit. Regular social interactions, whether in the village square or at communal events, create a sense of belonging and contribute to the happiness of the residents.

05 Active outdoor lifestyle

Sardinians live in an environment that encourages outdoor activities. Whether it is strolling through the olive grove, hiking in the mountains or daily work in the garden, the active outdoor lifestyle is an integral part of the Sardinian lifestyle.

06 Moderate consumption of wine

Consumption of red wine in moderation is common in Sardinia and is often considered part of a healthy lifestyle. The antioxidant properties of red wine are said to have positive effects on heart health.

Lessons from Sardinia's Blue Zone

01 Adopt the Mediterranean diet

The Mediterranean diet with lots of vegetables, fruit, olive oil and fish can not only pamper your palate but also improve your quality of life. Try to incorporate this healthy diet into your diet.

02 Maintaining family ties

Family is not just a social structure, but an essential component of happiness in life. Invest time in family relationships and create a supportive network.

03 Search social interactions

Interaction with other people promotes social well-being. Consciously seek out social interactions, whether in the neighborhood, in clubs or during shared activities.

04 Live actively outdoors

Sardinia's nature is a playground for outdoor activities. Whether hiking, cycling or simple walks - find ways to be active in nature.

05 Enjoy wine in moderation

A glass of red wine with dinner can not only be enjoyable but also offer health benefits. However, make sure to keep consumption in moderation.


Sardinia, Italy's Blue Zone, opens the door to the secrets of a long, healthy and fulfilling life. The Mediterranean diet, strong family ties, social interactions, an active outdoor lifestyle and moderate consumption of red wine are the building blocks of this impressive way of life. By taking inspiration from the lessons of the Sardinian Blue Zone, we too can take steps towards a fulfilling and healthy lifestyle. Because Sardinia reveals not only the beauty of the landscape, but also the beauty of a life that is in harmony with the principles of longevity and joy of living.

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