The amazing story of Mr. Schmidt.

Mr. Schmidt, 78 years old, lives alone in a house in a rural area. He has worked hard in his life and always taken care of his family and friends. Recently, however, he has noticed that he forgets things, such as where he put his keys or what he ate yesterday.

He also has difficulty remembering names and faces and often feels confused and disoriented.

His daughter notices these changes and is worried about his condition. She takes him to the doctor, who performs an examination and determines that Mr. Schmidt is suffering from dementia. The doctor explains that dementia is a progressive disease that affects memory, thinking and the ability to carry out daily activities. The daughter remembers a study by the University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt on the positive effect of spermidine on dementia and buys her father a dietary supplement. After just 3 weeks of taking a daily dose of 6 mg, Mr. Schmidt and his family notice an improvement in his cognitive abilities. The family decides to support Mr. Schmidt so that he can continue to live in his home.

Mr. Schmidt first noticed his improved cognitive abilities when solving crossword puzzles. Before taking the drug, he found it increasingly difficult to solve them, but after 3 weeks he was significantly faster. Mr. Schmidt then started an experiment and measured the time it took to solve the puzzle. In the weeks that followed, he was able to continually set new records.

Mr. Schmidt now dares to go out in public again. Before taking the medication, he was embarrassed when he didn't recognize people and often didn't know where he was. Now he goes for walks again, meets friends in coffee houses and takes part in various activities designed for people with dementia.