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For optimal care during baby planning, pregnancy and breastfeeding

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✔ Provides you and your baby with important vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

✔ With vitamins, organic trace elements, minerals and essential omega-3 fatty acids

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Vitamyne for women is a nutritional supplement and was specially developed to provide optimal support for expectant and breastfeeding mothers. Our premium formula provides you and your baby with important vitamins, minerals and nutrients for a healthy pregnancy and breastfeeding. With a complex active ingredient matrix for adult women consisting of vitamins, organic trace elements, minerals and essential omega-3 fatty acids, you and your baby get everything you need.

Lactose free

Possible effect

Folic acid: Supports cell division and promotes the healthy development of the neural tube in the unborn child.

Iron: Helps in the formation of red blood cells and supports the transport of oxygen in the body.

Calcium: Important for building and maintaining healthy bones and teeth in mother and child

Vitamin D3: Supports calcium absorption and promotes a healthy immune system

Omega-3 fatty acids (DHA & EPA): Support the baby's brain and eye development and promote the mother's heart healthEnsures healthy baby planning, pregnancy and breastfeeding

Recommended intake

Take 2 capsules daily with a meal and plenty of liquid. To achieve the best results, you should start taking VITAmyne for women when you are planning to have a baby and continue taking it throughout your pregnancy until you stop breastfeeding.


ingredients Daily dose * NRV%**
calcium 160.0mg 20
vitamin C 100.0mg 125
magnesium 100.0mg 27
DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) 50.0mg -
iron 30.0mg 214
Vitamin E 15.0mg α-TE (22.35 IU***) 125
zinc 15.0mg 150
niacin 10.0 mg IU (niacin equivalent) 63
Pantothenic acid 10.0mg 167
Vitamin B6 2.6mg 186
manganese 2.0mg 100
Vitamin B2 1.8mg 129
Vitamin B1 1.6mg 145
copper 1500.0 μg 150
Vitamin A 1050.0 μg RE (3500 IU***) 131
Folic acid, of which calcium L-methylfolate 800.0 400
400.0μg 200
Biotin 200.0μg 400
selenium 60.0μg 109
Vitamin D3 12.5 μg (500 IU***) 250
Vitamin B12 4.0μg 160
*Daily dose: 2 capsules
**NRV%: in % of the recommended daily intake of vitamins and minerals (for adults)
IE: International Unity
Warnings: Taking food supplements is not a substitute for a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Do not take the product if you are sensitive or allergic to any of the ingredients. It is manufactured in a facility that also processes fish, crustaceans, peanuts and tree nuts. Keep out of the reach of children!
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